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I'm interested in your products, please send me a quotation.

Our greenhouse is customized products. Could you please tell me your required size?

Are you manufacture?

Yes, our factory is located in Foshan city Guangdong Provice. It's about 9000㎡ included office zone, experiment zone, production zone.

Do you have agent in our country?

Not yet, sir, in order to control the quality, we sale directly to the global market.

What is your waranty?

We provide 12 months warranty.

What is the lead time?

It depends on your projects/order quantity, generally speaking, it will take about 7-15days.

What is your payment term?

By T/T or Ali trade assurance, 50% deposit, 50% balance before shipment.

Do you provide on-site installation service?

Yes, we can send our technician to the site. But while the COVID-19,

What's the Best Material for Greenhouses?

There really is no best material for a greenhouse. There are so many different materials used to make greenhouses. Aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, PVC, glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, etc. They all have their place in greenhouse construction. Your needs and budget will determine which is best for you.

What must-have Greenhouse Accessories That You Really Need?

There are a lot of accessories. Shelves and benches, doors and vents, ventilation & coolers, shade cloths, watering systems, heating, grow lights, ground and floor covering, How to choose those that you really need? Kunyu will give you an honest opinion of the experiences we made running this business. If you are still unsure of what equipment you need, think about where you set up the greenhouse, what greenhouse model you have or which one you want to purchase, and what plants you want to grow. You can always call or email us!


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