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Use Kunyu Film Greenhouses Supply's polyethylene film to install a new cold lamination frame or upgrade the existing worn-out film on the greenhouse. The film is a thick and flexible material, divided into various thicknesses (in mils), according to the insulation requirements, can be used in single or double layers. We provide a variety of Film Greenhouse styles, including 1-year film, 4-year film, white film, anti-condensation film, etc. Keep the factory environment warm and maintain better heat distribution without generating heat or stress, and reducing energy costs in the process. The custom cut length can be used in a variety of Film Greenhouse styles, so you can order the exact amount you need!

Films Greenhouse Supplier

Kunyu company has a 10-specialist design team including structural engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, etc. With the 20 year expertise in this industry, Kunyu assure customers outstanding products and professional solutions to build long-term and mutual beneficial cooperation.

To conduct a successful enterprise providing superior product and value, friendly efficient service and competitive pricing. We will take the initiative to help each customer fulfill his or her immediate needs and expectations by our extra effort. We will accomplish our mission in a manner that develops and maintains our reputation for quality and integrity within our industry and community.

Kunyu Greenhouses is your reliable source for one-stop modern agriculture Supplies. Cooperate with Kunyu, work with confident.

Film Greenhouse Manufacturers

As Film Greenhouse Manufacturers, Kunyu's Film Greenhouses are sold all over the world. If you need Film Greenhouses, please contact us, we will give you a reasonable solution as soon as possible.


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