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Every greenhouse is designed using the highest quality materials and equipment, with customized environmental controls to suit your desired climate and growing goals.

 We care that our clients succeed in making the world a greener place. Let’s increase our food security together.

Explore new ways to grow

As a leading specialist in horticulture and greenhouse supply, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with innovative trellising solutions inspired by the most advanced agro-technology methods. Developed in close partnership with growers all over the world, our range of greenhouse accessories, specializes in vegetable crops.

Why to choose our products?

Function and strength are top priority when designing and producing our greenhouse products under ISO 9001 standards. That is the reason we choose premium raw materials. Biodegradable tomato clips and biodegradable twines are some of our top – quality products. In addition, we offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes to accommodate your needs. quick and easy installation of our greenhouse products in addition to optimal functioning enable the grower to lower costs and save labor time.

Service and locations

Our greenhouse company is headquartered in China, and our greenhouses are sold all over the world.

Kunyu Greenhouse Factory

Up to now, Kunyu has built more than hundreds of projects in global market and exported greenhouses to more than 50 countries, including the United State, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Sudan, Australia, France, Mauritius, Indonesia, Canada, Philippines , Vietnam, etc.


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