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Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse


Greenhouse Engineering Specifications

Structural units

The type of span: 6.2m, 6.4m, 8m, 9.6m, 10.8m length of the interval of 4m as a unit, can be multi-span gutter high as 3m, 3.5m, 4m.

The greenhouse temperature can be adjusted indicators:

1. When the outside temperature of 40 degree, the temperature in the greenhouse dose not exceed 30 degree.

2. When the outside temperature of -10 degree not less than 18 degree temperature in the greenhouse.


Greenhouse technology indicators

Wind Speed: >= 0.5kn/SQM (100km/h~150km/h)

Rainfall: >= 140mm/h

Snow load: >0.55kg/SQM

Hanging Load: >20kg/SQM

Seismic rating: 8 degrees of fortification intensity.


Greenhouse project skeleton

Greenhouse reinforcing material made of high quality steel. The steel frames are hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. All steel frame are a molding process, the overall galvanized, no artificial rust treatment hot-dip galvanized surface 350g/sqm or more 10 years without rust guarantee, life is more than 20 years, especially suitable for high humidity areas anti-condensation structure design.


Shading System

Shading system exceptionally shading systems, within the shade and insulation system. The main function of the system are: summer shade, cooling, warm in winter. Curtain through the selection of different shading rate to meet the needs of different crops on the sun. Knitted net, the auspicious nets, far throughout the texture, anti-embrittlement of resistance, high tension, wear-resisting, tear resistance and durability. Row tooth machinery rotating stable performance, smooth, tight, according to photo-metric time setting control. Color: black, green, transparent.


Gear motor

Marion: 1/2hp, 1hp, 1.5hp

Use frequency: 50Hz

Use of voltage: 220V/380V

Current: 1.95A/1.13A

Rotate speed: 1380RPM

Motor-driven pull-net according to the luminosity time control.


Cooling System

Imported or domestically produced high-quality exhaust fan, wet curtain made of cardboard with the use of polymer technology.

Exhausted Fan

Marion: 1HP

Use Frequency: 50Hz

Voltage: 220V/380V

Current: 1.95A/1.13A

Rotate speed: 1380RPM


Water Curtain

Pump: 1/2HP, 1HP, 2HP

Side windows: the protection of water curtain board, both the insulation effect.

Wet curtain: 180cm (150cm) *60cm *10cm (15cm)

Wet curtain Height: cardboard 180cm (150cm) +up and down the sink two 10cm (aluminum alloy)


Internal Air Recirculation fan

Greenhouse equipped with the inner loop system to regulate the indoor climate, the domestic high-quality horticultural circulation fan, a low noise, large air volume long life characteristics. Hanging installation, rational distribution, to the greatest possible to break the thermal inertia of the air within the greenhouse better to maintain the consistency and stability of the greenhouse climate, all time periods intermittent automatic control.

Voltage: 220V

Power: 0.25KW

Frequency: 50Hz

Rotation Speed: 1400r/min


Heating system

1. Heating pipeline

The use of domestic high-quality circular a airfoil sink. Fast heating and uniform heating. Each planting bed is usually arranged a water main and return pipes made of high quality pipe.

2. Reserve heating system: Fuel (coal) heating machine.


Irrigation System

1. Drip irrigation: in each column of the plants inside, insert the last tubular, with time control, timing and quantitative watering and fertilization.

2. Sprinkler irrigation: sprinkler irrigation is the special equipment to the nozzle pressure water spray into the air, forming water on irrigation methods and irrigation crops surface.

3. Self-propelled irrigation: using cantilever self-propelled sprinkle system, plants can be cultivated in large areas, in a short period of time can be irrigated. Nozzle jet beads, adjustable speed, the number of watering, can set the water time.

Glass Greenhouse


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