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Ventilation Management of Greenhouse In Spring

Jan. 18, 2021

No matter the cold, no matter the heat, the greenhouse is always "spring", it contains most of human life, but also a touch of comfort after the prosperity of the city. Greenhouse landscape, children's entertainment, greenhouse picking, ecological restaurants and other projects, enriching the life at the same time, but also the development of China's agriculture plays an important role in the future of agriculture in the future of the greenhouse, will bring us more beautiful "spring".

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Ventilation management of greenhouse greenhouse in spring

First, the arch degree is different, the size of the wind vent varies

The size of the wind vent in spring cannot be completely defined by a certain data, because the structure of greenhouse is different, the time and speed of cooling is also different. The arch of the larger greenhouse, because the arch of the greenhouse surface is suitable, the hot airflow can be easily discharged along the upper part of the greenhouse film, even if the wind vent is small, it can also achieve a better wind effect. The low old shed with long planting life, because the arch of the shed is small, the shed surface is flat, the hot airflow from the wind vent is slow, and the temperature in the shed is high. Usually, such a shed will be the top of the wind vent open to 40 cm wide, only with a higher height, arch degree of the shed wind vent open to 30 cm the same effect of wind.

Second, the spring more attention should be divided ventilation

In the morning, after pulling open the shed for 1 hour, open the upper wind opening for about 3-5 cm to release small wind, the purpose is to expel the moisture from the shed, and at the same time replenish the carbon dioxide in the shed, so as to replenish the raw materials for the smooth photosynthesis. When the shed temperature rises to more than 28 ℃, the wind vent will gradually open to keep the shed temperature does not exceed 33 ℃ (for cucumbers, loofahs and other temperature-loving vegetables) can be.

Third, the spring gale, the wind vent attention to prevent wind

Increase the density of the wind rope, and the wind rope is best to use the friction of the wider cloth is good, this cloth in the live knot fixed shed film, friction, live knot is not easy to be blown loose by the wind. Many vegetable farmers want to use nylon rope as windproof rope, because the friction is smaller, vegetable farmers should increase the density of nylon wind release rope and fix it to prevent the wind from being blown together. At the same time, vegetable farmers should also pay attention to check at any time during windy weather to prevent the wind release rope from loosening and wind closure.

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