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The Advantages of Glass Greenhouse Cultivation

Aug. 26, 2021

Glass greenhouse is a kind of glass-covered agricultural vegetable greenhouse, is the final product of the traditional vegetable greenhouse cultivation upgrade. What is the biggest advantage of glass greenhouse? What is the investment cost of planting an acre of glass greenhouse?

1. Traditional vegetable planting mode

The traditional vegetable planting management model has open-field cultivation, cold shed rainforest cultivation, spring and autumn shed cultivation, warm shed cultivation, etc. The traditional vegetable planting mode needs after so many years of development, in China both in terms of product quality, yield, green pollution-free research, etc., have reached the bottleneck of social development. In the face of the emergence of more and more problems of agricultural products network security education, the main problem of white waste pollution, and the difficulty of soil reclamation after replanting. So for us, as a reference to the historical process of vegetable industry development in developed countries, as well as the concept and teaching model, the ultimate development level direction is the glass greenhouse.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

2. Glass greenhouse introduction

Glass greenhouse is a fully transparent building with a hot-dip galvanized light steel structure as the main body. The top and surroundings are covered with a fixed glass of aluminum profiles.

3. The advantages of glass greenhouse cultivation

Long service life

The greenhouse is covered with hot-dip galvanized frame material and glass, with a service life of more than 20 years, which eliminates the problem of white pollution from the source of the ground cover.

The high degree of mechanization

All shading, ventilation, heating, and cooling systems of glass greenhouses are mechanized. The ventilation switch of several acres of vegetable greenhouses can only be located on the operation line next to the distribution box, which is impossible for traditional manual greenhouses.

Precise water and fertilizer technology

Water and fertilizer integrated cultivation is currently the most energy-efficient and accurate planting method in the planting industry, which can eliminate soil-borne diseases and greatly save water and fertilizer. At the same time, water and fertilizer recycling legislation in Europe and the United States reduces the possibility of groundwater pollution.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

4. Why do greenhouses use diffused glass?

For greenhouses, the most important thing is the total amount of light energy. If there is less direct sunlight, you need to use lower haze (haze is the intensity of transmitted light that deviates from the angle of incident light by more than 2.5° as a percentage of the total transmitted light intensity), and direct sunlight requires the use of higher intensity haze scattered light. For higher plants such as fruit trees and cucumbers, high haze glass is suitable, and low haze glass is suitable for lower plants such as seedlings, vegetables, and flowers.

5. Investment in glass greenhouse cultivation

The investment cost of glass greenhouse cultivation is currently the highest in facility agriculture, which generally includes civil construction, greenhouse construction, and internal planting. Ordinary civil construction is 30-40 yuan per square meter, and glass greenhouse is about 300 yuan per square meter. Internal planting is calculated separately. If the floor area of the unit is too small or particularly remote, the cost will increase accordingly. Regarding the return on investment of glass greenhouse planting, the current price of vegetables is really slow. China can rely on the national support policy for facility agriculture and the policy of poverty alleviation in the development of various parks, and vigorously develop glass greenhouse planting.

Glass greenhouse in China can not only be used directly for the planting of vegetables and flowers but also as a nursery shed for greenhouse planting production base. At the same time, the company can also be used as exhibition greenhouses, high-tech product display greenhouses, carnival greenhouses, vegetable, and flower cultural landscape design greenhouses, tropical rainforest botanical gardens, etc.

Development prospect of a glass greenhouse

With the continuous development of society and the increase of labor costs, the mechanized greenhouse is inevitable. At the same time, with the adjustment of energy structure and the reduction of energy prices, glass greenhouses will certainly usher in the climax of development after the reduction of heating costs. Glass greenhouses will gradually replace the old film greenhouses, and the clustering and regionalization of the commercial industry are becoming more and more obvious.

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