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Tips For Buying A Greenhouse For The First Time

Nov. 20, 2021

Choosing the right greenhouse for you can be a daunting task, as buying a greenhouse is an investment that requires some research.

Read the warranty

Warranties may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Don't forget to check the warranty when deciding which greenhouse to buy. What is the shelf life of the materials? How long is the warranty for? What parts are covered? Your home insurance policy can also be amended to cover your greenhouse against weather events, such as strong winds and hail, which may not be covered by the greenhouse warranty.


Minimizing shadows

For clear glass and single-pane polycarbonate greenhouses, you can reduce shadows by laying white gravel along the base of the exterior of your greenhouse. The white color reflects light back into the conservatory and will eliminate some shadows.

Multi Span Greenhouse

 Multi Span Greenhouse

Check panel fitting systems

Some panel cladding systems use clips to hold the panels in place, while others use rubber seals. Rubber seals provide better insulation.


Look for smooth vertical lines

Are the vertical surfaces smooth? Some designs of facade cladding are complete (single) panels that provide a continuous sheet from top to bottom. Other designs have smaller panels set in a horizontal running frame. Over time, any protruding horizontal edges or edges can accumulate dirt or grow moss.


The common denominator among greenhouse suppliers is: "Buy a larger size than you plan." We agree. With greenhouses, garden sheds, and timber sheds, you can always find ways to fill the space beyond expectations. This is one of the reasons there are so many conservatory extension kits on the market. If you want to keep the original size of your plans, you might consider leaving room for an extension when you set up your greenhouse 'footprint' in your yard.


What is involved in assembling a conservatory?

Most greenhouses are sold as greenhouse kits and are shipped flat in multiple boxes. Customers will need to assemble them. It is important that you check the assembly requirements before purchasing. The type of greenhouse you purchase will depend in part on the assembly requirements. Some greenhouse kits only take 4 to 5 hours to assemble, but it is safe to assume that assembly will be a weekend job for two people. No special tools are required, but you will need basic handyman skills.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse     

However, one of the most important aspects of assembly is site preparation. At the very least, you will need to provide flat, solid, and level floor space. Larger greenhouses require more site preparation as the ground area is larger and some plans require concrete or brick floor foundation work prior to assembly.


Some greenhouse manufacturers realize that ease of assembly is an important factor in choosing which greenhouse to purchase. Regardless of the difficulty of assembly, the time spent on assembly is insignificant compared to the years of use you will enjoy in your new conservatory.


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