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You Can Grow in the Open Air, Why Do You Need a Greenhouse?

Feb. 22, 2021

In recent years, the frequency of extreme weather has increased, hurricanes are frequent in summer and autumn, and cold damage often occurs in winter, which seriously affects farmers' harvests. Stable harvest and stable prices have always been the wishes of farmers.


The same land is planted with the same crop for a long time, and the soil and crops are prone to imbalance, accumulating diseases and insect pests, and forming operational obstacles after a long time.

If planting in the open air is good, why do we need a greenhouse? Let's start with the summer pest control assessment: roughly divided into four categories of pests: scale insects, aphids, Lima, mites, etc. are the most representative Li sucking pests.

Furthermore, how to prevent rain, how to resist the wind, how to protect against cold, how to protect against birds, and how to change the microclimate and other angles for evaluation and consideration.


Stable harvest of facility agriculture, short-term leaf vegetable recycling costs increase

The same crop can be cultivated in the open air and facilities, but the facilities can have a stable harvest throughout the year and the quality is better.

Example: planting small cabbages all year round; convolvulus at 5 points, harvested 6-8 times in the open air and 9-11 times in the greenhouse. In addition, the production price of 1 kg of water spinach in summer facilities is 0.15 USD more than open cultivation. In winter, it is 0.72USD per kilo. If there is a windstorm or flood, there will be no vegetables on the market, and the price will be several times higher than usual.

However, greenhouse facilities also have shortcomings. For example, the temperature and humidity in summer are usually high, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Without proper environmental control, it is easy to breed diseases and insect pests.


So in recent years, the structure of greenhouse facilities has strengthened the internal construction quality. With wind resistance and natural ventilation as the guidelines, it is achieved that the ventilation in the greenhouse is not sultry, reducing thermal barriers and salt deposition.

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