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How Can Greenhouse Production Sites be Used for Leisure Agriculture?

Feb. 26, 2021

Greenhouse is generally used to regulate, control or create the environmental conditions (such as light, temperature, water, fertiliser and gas) required for all or some of the stages of crop growth with the help of greenhouse facilities, so that the upper and root environments of plants can be improved and crop light energy utilisation can be increased, thereby increasing crop yield, improving crop quality, extending the growing season and enabling crops to grow normally in seasons and environments where they cannot grow in the open.

To a certain extent, greenhouses can free crops from their high dependence on the natural environment and are a highly efficient form of agricultural production. With high technology, high input, high output as the characteristics of the greenhouse not only represents the development direction of modern agriculture, but also, to a certain extent, the development of greenhouse has become one of the important symbols to measure the level of modernization of agriculture in a country or region.

Doing a good job in planning and designing leisure agriculture

1. Planning tourism routes

Greenhouses are different from ordinary agricultural production bases, and facility barriers make it difficult to understand the content of the base production. Therefore, the successive routes of leisure tourism for tourists in the base and the access to the greenhouses must be scientifically planned and designed in advance.

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2. Try to rotate planting in all seasons

Greenhouses are mainly planted with fruits, vegetables and flowers. To do leisure agriculture, the production varieties in the greenhouse must consider scientific collocation, as far as possible, so that visitors have something to see, play, eat, buy and learn all year round. Visitors should be satisfied with their leisure tourism needs as much as possible, no matter what time of year they go.

3. Design of photographic attractions

This is mainly the indoor landscape design of the greenhouse. In addition to using the concept of landscape design, the planning and design staff should also understand the knowledge of ecological landscape design for agricultural production, and should design the fruits, vegetables and flowers in the greenhouse in different shapes to facilitate attracting visitors to take photos.

4. Creative experience activities

In addition to the conventional fruit and vegetable picking in the greenhouse production base. You can also creatively design farming production experience activities such as tilling the ground, sowing, transplanting, cultivating and managing, harvesting, etc. Different excursions and science education courses can be designed according to the production of agricultural products to meet the needs of primary and secondary school students and tourists for learning. The greenhouses can also be used for various DIY experiences such as potting and grafting of different plants. In short, greenhouses can also be used to create a variety of leisure experience activities.

5. Show modern agriculture

Greenhouses do leisure agriculture, there should be a display of new varieties and new technologies. In particular, biological control, environmental intelligence, control of water and fertiliser integration, irrigation and insulation systems, mobile phone control, remote monitoring and other modern agricultural production technologies can be considered for inclusion. When visitors visit the greenhouses, they are visiting modern agriculture.



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