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Why Are Glass Panels the Best Choice for a Greenhouse?

Aug. 05, 2021

A glass-paneled conservatory can be a fairly expensive investment, but its durability and aesthetic value are the factors that make it the best choice. If budget is not an issue and your greenhouse solution is suitable for glass use, the following assessments should be considered. 

Considerations for transporting glass panels

Glasses need to be shipped securely in their boxes to stop any movement and sudden breakage. One other thing to worry about is moisture damage, especially if planning to ship during wet or rainy seasons. It is helpful to talk to your glass greenhouse supplier and seek additional advice and plan ahead.


There is a certain amount of uncertainty with glass greenhouses, as even the most cautious gardener can inadvertently break the glass. Just make sure you get sturdy safety glass or polycarbonate to prevent any accidents and injuries from occurring.


Polycarbonate greenhouses are actually strong and indestructible. It distributes light properly and is very easy to install. Although, polycarbonate panels are not as scratch-resistant as glass.

Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

Choosing between tempered and annealed glass

The annealed glass should not be considered for any greenhouse design. It may be strong, but if it breaks, it will shatter into sharp fragments that may pose a danger to life and limb.


Tempered glass, on the other hand, is stronger than annealed glass and is about four to six times more shatterproof. It can break, but when it does, it will only shatter into small, square sections that are unlikely to put anyone at risk. This means that tempered glass is a better choice than annealed glass in greenhouse design.


There are several types of tempered glass, including double tempered, single tempered, etc. Each type of tempered glass has a different tensile strength.

Choosing between single pane or double panel glass

Factors to consider before deciding between single pane or double pane glass include


Heating costs

Heat dissipation costs


Single pane tempered glass plants for greenhouse design are located where cooling and heating costs are not an issue. Double glazing should be considered when you live in a very cold climate.


Maintaining Glass Panels

Glass panels are protected from internal condensation if they are properly sealed. This applies to both double and triple glazing. Maintaining glass becomes easier when a glass coating is obtained. For example, when it comes to material coatings, some self-cleaning glass brands break down dirt on panels simply by using sunlight. The coatings also prevent water from beading on the beads as they come off from the water. These coatings definitely add to the price of glass, but they are practical options that can save you the hassle of cleaning glass frequently.


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