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What Type of Greenhouse Is Right for Your Needs?

Jul. 30, 2021

Greenhouses originated in the United Kingdom, particularly in England. Because of the cold weather, the English have been using greenhouses for decades to be able to grow vegetables all year round. Have you ever heard of "growing under glass"? Although most greenhouses today are made of polycarbonate, the original greenhouses were always made of glass and the expression has never changed. The classic and majestic glow of glass greenhouses is the most important reason why people buy them. References to Victorian design and breathing the atmosphere of an English classroom offer real resistance to your garden.


The nostalgic feeling of England and the view of a beautiful conservatory from your kitchen window are not the only reasons to invest in a conservatory. Next, the glass greenhouses supplier will share the following content with you.


Benefits of Glass Greenhouses

What type of glass is used in greenhouses?

What type of greenhouse is right for your needs?

 Glass Greenhouses

Glass Greenhouse     

Benefits of Glass Greenhouses

Light Transmission

The most important job of a greenhouse cover is to let in light. Whether it's plastic or glass, single-pane glass typically transmits 90% of light, and double-pane glass transmits about 80%. So far, there is not much difference between the two ...... but other factors play an important role in light transmissions, such as the location of the greenhouse and the direction of the sun.


As discussed in the introduction, the main reason for choosing glass is that it is more beautiful than any of the polycarbonate greenhouses. The magnificent conservatory in the center of the garden is built in a beautiful Victorian style and will stand out at any barbecue or pool party.


Durability - Maintenance

While both plastic and glass are strong materials, there are differences between the two. Glass is typically a more durable material than plastic and can last longer without showing any signs of deterioration. The higher the cost of glass, the longer the life of the greenhouse.


The glass used in greenhouses is safety glass and is almost as strong as the polyester used in greenhouses. Don't worry about your kids playing soccer in the yard or thunderstorms crossing the border; greenhouse materials (glass or plastic) are built to survive outside.



The main reason people don't choose glass is the price. The majestic and beautiful look of this type of greenhouse comes with a price tag and is usually more expensive than a plastic greenhouse.

What type of glass is used in greenhouses?

There are basically two types of greenhouse glass. Tempered glass is the strongest and is 3 or 4 mm thick (about 0.11 inches). This type of glass will granulate when broken rather than break into sharp pieces, making it a safer and stronger choice.


Another more economical option is horticultural glass. This type of glass is less strong and weather-resistant and breaks into large, sharp shapes when broken. We know that this type of greenhouse is a significant investment. That's why we recommend tempered glass for roofs and panels to provide the best protection for your greenhouse and crops!


What type of greenhouse is right for your needs?

The most important question is which greenhouse solution is right for you, and only you can answer it. If this is your first greenhouse shed, perhaps you want to start with a polycarbonate model to limit your investment. If you want your greenhouse to double as a lawn ornament, the glass would be the choice for you. Consider all of the factors we discussed above and decide which one is right for you.



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